Gently peel new lash from the end with a lash applicator tool or tweezers.


Measure and trim 

Measure the strip lash along your lash line to see if you need to trim.

Trim the lash from the longer/outer corner.

Cut from the band side.


A couple of ways to get lashes into shape

All lashes coming out of the box will have a bit of stiffness, even though the band is flexible. 


1) Hold the lash at each end and move the ends up and down in opposite directions.

2) Curl the lash around your finger or a makeup brush for 30 seconds.
This will soften and create shape, which will keep the lash from lifting at the corners.
Lash around brush for shaping









Start with a clean, non-oily lash line.
Curl your natural lashes.


We carry two types of adhesives:

Winx Adhesive Eyeliner and TWO Bliss™ Dual brush-on Adhesive.


Using Winx Adhesive Eyeliner

Shake liner with the tip facing down before each use. 

Use the liner like you would an eyeliner.


Using TWO Bliss™ Dual Adhesive 

Give the dual tube a good shake.

Choose between clear or black and line lash line.

Another option is to apply adhesive on the strip lash band before applying lashes to the lash line.






Look down into a mirror and apply lash, starting with the inner corner or the middle of the eye. Choose whichever way is more comfortable for you.






Press down on the strip lash against your lash line.






Re-adjust as needed.










Winx Adhesive Eyeliner 

Lock them in for all-day wear - press the liner sideways or angled onto the inner and outer corner of the lash line.

Ensure cap is on tightly and store with pen tip facing down after use.


TWO Bliss™ Dual Adhesive 

Waterproof and will stay on all day long.

Ensure cap is closed tightly after use.