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Wow! Tried the lashes today and the lash liner is so good! The lashes are great quality as well! I've been using another product and yours is by far superior!

Carmen W. AB, Canada

Ok, wow. These Blissful Winx lashes are a game changer. No fuss with lash glue, super light feeling and took me 1 min to put on. Lazy girl approved. Go check them out!

Tanya C. AB, Canada

This is super easy to use. Just like a liquid eyeliner, you don’t have to wait for anything to dry just apply your strip lashes and that it! Love how easy it is to create cat eye and put lashes at the same time and it’s light weight and convenient. Definite repurchase.

Zofia. BC, Canada

I have an allergy to adhesive used for strip lashes, but this productct contains no harsh chemicals so my skin didn't react to liner and the lashes are really beautiful. I don't even have to
wear any makeup besides these lashes, they make such an impact and it's all you'll need!

Nhi. AB, Canada