MAX SET - Dual Adhesive And eyelashes

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MAX SET. Combination of premium silk, 3D faux mink eyelashes, and TWO Bliss™ dual lash adhesive. Cruelty-free, toxin-free, and vegan.
  •    TWO Bliss™ dual brush-on lash adhesive
  •     three pairs of premium lashes
  •     black stainless steel lash applicator
  •     beautiful white quilt-patterned box with mirror


  • Super-Natural Collection: Krystel, Iris, Venus(3D)
  • Natural Sultry Collection: Krystel, Venus(3D), Luna(3D)
  • Low-key Sass Collection: Yin Yang, Helen, Athena(3D)
  • Baby-doll Collection: Hera(3D), Mari-Me(3D), Lyn lash
  • Cat-eye Collection: Helen, Helen2.0(3D), Lena(3D)
  • Dramatic Collection : Mari-Me(3D), Belle(3D), Amour(3D)
  • All Occasions Collection : Venus(3D), Flirt-T, Mila